Niki Henson, RDA, AS

Speaker, Author, & Consultant

Niki Henson, RDA AS

      Niki Henson is the President of Cornerstone Dental Academy where she authored the curriculum and provides continuing education to dentists, hygienists, and dental auxiliaries. She travels as a speaker, consultant, and presents a variety of seminars and clinical programs. Ms. Henson is a Registered Dental Assistant, a tri-part member of the American Dental Assistants Association having served on the ADAA's Council on Education, Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, a BLS CPR Instructor, and is active in dental legislation. In 2005, Niki received the "Woman of Distinction" award from Success in the City for her passion, ethics, and commitment to dental education. She is a motivational speaker who teaches with enthusiasm and a passion for dentistry. She has helped many students earn their RDA credentials with her detailed, creative instruction. She enjoys providing creative and exciting courses for dental teams.


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